“Was very impressed with the sales, delivery and follow-up. Gave good advice how to maintain my purchase as well as followed up a few days later to see how I was managing it. Very happy with my purchase and in my dealings with them. Would certainly recommend.

Yee Ming.


The tall shape of the tank looks elegant and the larger volume of water makes it more practical to keep livestock while still keeping to a small 15×15 footprint. The compact size makes it ideal as a desktop aquarium or for nano tank enthusiasts.

The materials and design of the tank are sleek and elegant, giving it a premium look and feel. The nook for the airline tubing/water pump wire is a nifty feature that keeps the setup neat and tidy, so you don’t have to worry about tubing/wires preventing the lid from closing properly.

The light has two modes, giving you more control depending on what kind of plants/livestock you are keeping.

Overall a great desktop kit and I would definitely be interested in getting another one!

Sue Hwee.


“Very pleased with my custom bonsai terrarium from Crustapets using Bokkusukei kits. Good after sales service from Crustapets.

Bobby Tan.


“Very happy with the product, service and advise!! Highly recommended!

F.C. Wong.



“Beautiful setup, easy to take care. Strongly recommended!

Jeremy Lim.



“The scaping was professionally done… very knowledgeable and will definitely get another in due time!

Adrian Goh.




“…you are getting the product with the best value for your money.”

Park Yin.



Fits perfectly at any part of your house or even office, a definite worthy buy”


Shaha Ramli.




Compact and beautiful tank, compliments my desk perfectly. Highly recommended to all small tank lovers!


Abdul Hafiz.




“If you are interested in starting your first paludarium aquarium, I would just suggest you visit Bokkusu Kei.”

Katherine Ashburn.