Frequently Asked Questions

Urban Scape Kits

How / What / Why does it work?

Please refer to our infographic clips on the Reels page here.

I need help with crafting a scape.

For Singapore markets, please reach out to our Authorised Ambassador, Crustapets, on Instagram or Facebook.

For U.S.A. markets (terrariums only), please reach out to our Authorised Ambassador, Doodle Bird Terrariums, on Instagram.

We are rolling these out to all good Terrarium and Aquarium shops in your region.

Does the unit come pre-scaped?

Not at this moment. Scaped units will be made available by our regional brand ambassadors and authorised resellers only.

I’ve read that we should not keep [species of fish] in a small and confined space.

Please refer to our Mission Statement under FAQ > Policies.

What is the flow rate of the water pump?

110 Litres / Hour

Does the unit come with an air pump, water pump or filter?

A USB powered water pump / air pump can be included but it’s entirely optional. The water pump induces circulation and surface agitation; which in return, aerates the water column. The tank has an opening to cater for the USB air pipe, or the cable of the USB powered water pump.

As with all things in nature, we are strong believers of the Walstad Method, with frequent up keeping and water changes, the unit itself has been tested to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.


Shipping Locations

I’m from Singapore, can I pick this up myself and avoid shipping charges?

Yes you can. Contact Us for alternate payment arrangements for self pick-up.

Do you ship to [country]?

If you cannot find the country or region from the drop down list, Please Contact Us and provide us with your address of residence;  ボックス [BOKKUSU] endeavours to provide alternate shipping methods to our worldwide consumers.


Discount & Promos

I did not receive your promo code.

It may take up to 30 minutes for the Promo Code email to reach you as our systems validate your details before triggering its automation. Some email clients, and portals, may also have filters that may be marking our emails as spam. Please verify that they are in your Junk, Spam, or All Mail folders.

If it has been more than an hour, please Contact Us.


Sales & Sponsorship

Hi, I am keen to become an Authorised Ambassador

Great! Write in to us to initiate a conversation, we are more than happy to hear from you –

Do you Drop Ship?

No we don’t. We understand there are similar products which have been drop shipped from various China sources at a fraction of cost, that would explain the different selling prices from various re-sellers. We are solely owned, and have a very different patented product.

You can be assured that all ボックス [BOKKUSU] – Urban Scape Kits are assembled in Japan and have gone through stringent test and Quality Control processes. we are ISO 9001 certified.

When in doubt, always request for an official distributor certificate from your re-seller.

Hi, I am keen in being a Reseller / Distributor…

Please send us your company registration number and supporting documents to to initiate a conversation.

Hi, I am from [country], do you provide Sponsorship / Collaborations?

Write in to us with your proposal –



Mission Statement

ボックス [BOKKUSU KEI]’s – Urban Scape Kits promotes green living and aims to provide our end consumers with a miniature slice of nature; to improve on overall Health & Wellness in our bustling lifestyles. We do not condone or encourage any acts of animal cruelty. Any images of livestock included in our kits are purely at the discretion of the end users.

Fun Fact: Aquarium and Horticulture therapy is not a new discovery, therapeutic effects in its respective areas have long been recorded. A 1989 NASA study has also shown that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of indoor pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde within 24 hours. If you ask us, that’s nothing short of impressive.

Boost your well-being and breathe easier with our kits today!

Terms of Service

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Privacy Policy

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Shipping Policy

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Returns / Refund / Exchange Policies

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