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* Promotion is valid from now till 2nd December 2019.
* Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
* Can be used to offset the total cost of scaped units with our authorised Singapore brand ambassador, Crustapets.
* Does not allow for a cash refund.
* All gift certificate sales are final and are to be used inline within Bokkusu’s shop policies.

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Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Kits – How and Why it Works.

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How Much Does It Typically Cost for a Brand Ambassador to Scape Them?

What Do They Cost

Prices are subjected to the costs of;

  • Urban Scape Kits at an average value of $150.
  • Material and plant(s) selection, $30 onward to $100+.
  • Design, modification (if any), labour, setup and delivery, $100 to $200.
  • Maintenance to ensure all plants are rooted and conditioned proper before handover. If this is urgent, do let us know.
  • After sales service.


Dimensions: 15 x 15cm base, 28 cm tall (with full spectrum light).

Lead time: Subjected to existing job queues, 2 to 4 weeks or more for these M.T.O. handcrafted pieces. We endeavour our deliverables in the shortest time possible; if you need this urgently for a special occasion, do let us know ahead of time.

Self Collection Requests: Location will be provided upon each successful transaction.

Think you can do better yourself? View the list of kits here. Or, you reach out to us below with your inquiries.


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Payment Mode:

Urban Scape Kits – Gift Certificates


1) Make your payment via PayNow or PayLah to:



Funds Transfer to: Maybank Singapore Limited
Bank Account Number: 04181070357

2) WhatsApp Us with your full name, email address, and provide a screenshot of the transaction reference number. An official tax invoice will be issued to your email address you provide.

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