Haven’t been a fan of figurines myself, but if I had to work on one, I’d give it a twist. Possibly the furthest I’d go. Hit the jump for the edited video by yours truly. IGTV CRUSTAPETS


Was introduced to someone from the Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus) group and boy, these little creatures are amazing! All types of pets deserve a nice home. So here it is, a perfect testimonial that the Bokkusu Kits are extremely versatile. “The one kit that encompasses all” – Indeed. CRUSTAPETS

Pushing boundaries. Bokkusu’s Aquarium Kit – Saltwater Reef / Marine Tank

I’m all about creativity and challenges, so its almost 2nd nature – especially when you are the brand ambassador of the very compact Urban Scape Kit from Bokkusu. Sooooo, I decided to up the game from the usual Aquarium set up just because, who doesn’t like Nemo? Ah yes…clownfishes, the epitome of all saltwater tanks. …

Pushing boundaries. Bokkusu’s Aquarium Kit – Saltwater Reef / Marine Tank Read More »

Setting Up Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Kit – Ichi (Terrarium)

Putting the terrarium kit together was a breeze once you have hand-picked and selected all the required plants and hardscape items and components. Inspired by the Japanese artform of Bonkei and Saikei, below are the list of materials we have gone with with took us only 30 minutes, Japanese Seiryu Rock – Fun fact: “Seiryu means …

Setting Up Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Kit – Ichi (Terrarium) Read More »

First Impressions

Totally stoked to receive both samples of the Bokkusu Urban Scape Kits (Aquarium and Terrarium) from Japan – Thank You SO much guys! I honestly can’t wait to test and and see how these turn out. Anyhow, upon further comparison, the main difference between both of these kits lies in the interchangeable mid-section and its …

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