Pushing boundaries. Bokkusu’s Aquarium Kit – Saltwater Reef / Marine Tank

I’m all about creativity and challenges, so its almost 2nd nature – especially when you are the brand ambassador of the very compact Urban Scape Kit from Bokkusu. Sooooo, I decided to up the game from the usual Aquarium set up just because, who doesn’t like Nemo? Ah yes…clownfishes, the epitome of all saltwater tanks. But to be honest, I was also curious if Bokkusu has what it takes to support an ultra pico reef. Because let’s face it, it is ALOT more challenging than fresh water aquariums, and I was very much determined to fit a mini reef into a 1 gallon (4L) tank.

We have all seen the self-proclaimed “Smallest saltwater / reef / marine tanks”, but in my opinion, it doesn’t count as long as there is no livestock in them; I have yet to see a saltwater tank with livestock in under a gallon, if you have, please send them in. We would love to see them.

To jump start this project, everything you see in the images below are from an existing reef tank we already have and we merely swapped out the original USB air pump with a USB water pump (hidden behind the live rocks) to act as a wavemaker.  There’s currently no chiller, but we are gonna place this in a 24/7 air conditioned room and monitor this closely.  Till then, follow and subscribe for updates!

Bokkusu Reef preview 03  Bokkusu Reef preview 01

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