When Terrariums and Aquariums just isn’t enough.

An associate of ours was just throwing us an idea of shallow tanks for vivariums and paludariums. With a hertitage built around Wabi-sabi and Saikei, it was obvious we had to do this – didn’t take us long to turn this into a reality.

Urban Scape San – Vivarium / Paludarium was built around the success of its predecessors, Ichi (Terrarium) and Ni (Aquarium). While we were waiting for the finishing touches of the misting unit to be completed, a paludarium kit seems the most logical to proceed with. A removable front panel has been designed for plants that require higher humidity levels; creating an ecosphere within the enclosure.

Kudos to our Singapore brand ambassador , Crustapets, for putting this together really quickly.


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