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Nothing out of the ordinary if you are used to setting up fresh water aquariums. As advocates of the Walstad Method, Bokkusu’s aquarium kits are rather straightforward. An ultra silent USB powered air pump is provided, along with its airline tubing and air stone setup which exits nicely at the back of the kit so the lid still stays on; minimising on evaporation.

With a foot print of just 15 X 15 cm X 28 cm tall, this fits nicely onto any office desk or bedside table without taking up much space. So here it is, 3 weeks in.

Bokkusu Aquarium Kit Preview - Crustapets

Plants selection for a lowtech tank:

  • Java ferns
  • Anubias Mini
  • Christmas Moss on lava rocks
  • Java ferns on a custom black filter sponge wall
  • ADA Amazonia II Substrate

Updates: We have been receiving a couple of queries with regards to filtration. Apart from the wiki on Diana Walstad’s Method, and without going into the on-going debate of “filtration is a must”, here’s my 2 cents on low tech tanks.

Over the years of freshwater planted tank aquarium keeping, I seem to have found 2 magic key components in making them successful –

Overall tank stability

It’s not rocket science to ensure your tank has gone through its nitrogen cycle. But what most people lack, in my opinion, is patience, and then they also start to dose and try to fix every little parameter jump they see, or start adding one too many livestock once the tank is newly cycled. To break it down for you, beneficial bacteria takes time to populate and consume “food”. Too little food, bacteria dies. Too much food, bacteria can’t consume and process, comprehende?  Excess food equals more waste output, which will in eventually alter your parameters. This is the same with excess livestock since they produce more waste than the bacteria can actually handle in the tank causing it to crash.

Keeping up with water changes

This is a no brainer, its like taking a shower. You need fresh clean water to keep clean, period. The more mature your tank is overtime, the frequency drops – its sorta like a decreasing term loan. Trust me, doing frequent maintenance is definitely ALOT easier than a one time maintenance once you are having issues ; which could be a combination of several variables.

Now, with regards to filtration, yes it is recommended – and up to 3 times the flow of your entire volume of water. However, I generally feel that filtration works as a compensation and/or a safety net for the laziness in us ; this is especially true for larger tank volumes. Bokkusu Kits are a mere 4L / 1 Gallon – So what’s your excuse? I know some of you are gonna say, “But it (the filter) is where the bacteria lives.”. Yes, and No. In a matured and stable tank, the bacteria in your substrate, plants and hardscape is suffcient to keep your tanks in check – Again, IF you keep up with your water changes religiously.

For a living testimonial, just ask this guy, his blue neocaridina shrimps started breeding in Bokkusu’s Kits. Something he wasn’t able to achieve even in regular tanks.

We hope this update has provided you with some good insights. Till the next post, fellas!

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