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Totally stoked to receive both samples of the Bokkusu Urban Scape Kits (Aquarium and Terrarium) from Japan – Thank You SO much guys! I honestly can’t wait to test and and see how these turn out.

Anyhow, upon further comparison, the main difference between both of these kits lies in the interchangeable mid-section and its accessories.  The full spectrum LED lights, lids and base are pretty much generic and are made from Sumipex® ABS – A brand and material which I will further explain on its origin below.

Bokkusu Kits - General Look 01Bokkusu Kits - General Look 02

The difference?

Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Ichi (Terrarium) Kits provides you with,

  • 3 sided enclosed Sumipex® PMMA Acrylic box and base – All glued and attached flawlessly.
  • An additional piece of acrylic for the 4th side – it’s front-facing opening – I gotta admit that I was puzzled at first, but it is actually a very well thought out design as soon as I realised its purpose after verifying with Bokkusu.
  • A dish / tray for substrate or gravel – this sits onto the base described in point 1.

Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Ni (Aquarium) Kits provides you with,

  • A regular Sumipex® PMMA tank with commendable clarity.
  • An ultra silent USB Powered air pump – no complaints here. You definitely won’t lose sleep over this.

Now, onto my research on Sumipex®. For those of you who are unaware, Sumipex® is a registered trademark of the renowned Sumitomo Corporation / Chemicals . It is mentioned that the PMMA sheets allow “92% light transmission and is clearer than glass”. Hit the link to explore further if you’re interested in their claim for Unparalleled transparency and lustre and the likes.

More updates once these are up!

Update (17th March 2019) : It seems Sumitomo Chemical Group has acquired Jiuh Mei , a cast acrylic sheet manufacturer based in Taiwan, back in 2015; inheriting it’s ISO Q&A (Quality and Assurance). More info here.

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