Scape 03 Patent Pending


Designed by Tatsuki Kobayashi, [BOKKUSU] – Urban Scape Kits are a modern interpretation of the late Mr. Ryuga Kobayashi’s 1968 glass box Saikei. The versatility of these kits allows one to nurture plants similar to those of a LIVE mossarium or terrarium, a desktop aquarium, a vivarium, and/ or a paludarium. This slice of nature that is natural, and artistically arranged, doubles up as an ambient desk lamp suitable for all office and bedroom types.

Envisioning an artist’s blank canvas, Bokkusu’s Urban Scape Kits are designed to encompass the various aqua and botany scaping art forms into a single, interchangeable, universal kit.  Space constraints and other bedroom, or office desks aspects, have led to the minimalistically designed kit that is now portable and versatile.

Considerations during the Design Process includes replaceable components for product longevity – we understand how painful it is searching for a replacement part in most All-In-One (AIO) units. It is also essential that these kits need to be lightweight and durable to eliminate breakage. This significantly reduces the manufacturing, replacement, and shipping costs; providing a very competitive price point.

Urban Scape Kits promotes green living and aims to provide our end consumers with a miniature slice or nature in the comfort of your living space.


  • Interchangeable units.
  • Patent pending design.
  • Suitable for most office desks and bedroom types.
  • Weighs just over 1.3kg for portability.
  • Replacement parts available upon request.
  • Compact design with a footprint of 15 X 15 cm.
  • Energy saving 5W LED for better power efficiency – 3500/7000K light temperature options.
  • USB powered because, WE, decided to put a stop to all batteries, adaptors and transformers.
  • Designed, researched, developed, and thoroughly tested with industry’s best.